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For a single dude like me, I frequent restaurants to survive and of course, to enjoy life’s greatest pleasure, food. Sometimes, however, I need to eat at home, often times on lazy days like the weekend and some holidays. Recently, I received some packs of flavored chicken and they call themselves KÖÖK.

KÖÖK was born out of her passion and love for cooking, and this includes experimenting clean and healthier food options. Their product can be your answer to non-processed food preparations as KÖÖK offers equally palatable chicken using natural seasoning sans the more greasy and fatty options out there. KÖÖK is a Dutch term for a great chef!

Currently, they have three variants – Greek, Vietnamese and Korean Bulgogi, in two size packs of 800g and 400g pack. I got to try all three in my own kitchen but kind of burned it a bit as I am not a seasoned cook. Nevertheless, each piece of tender meat still had their distinct taste, and my favorite being the Korean Bulgogi. It had a balance of savory and sweet kick.

If you wish to purchase these awesome home cooked flavored chicken alternatives, you can also buy them at all outlets of Blue Kitchen, Gourmet Corner all out and The Green Company stores. They are available too in The Market in Salcedo Village, Shell Select Magallanes, Allganic Store, Ultra Super Green, DEC in Greenhills and Tin Hok in Virra Mall.


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