Kor-Bbq, Marikina City

Many more Korean BBQ buffets have been opening in Metro Manila. Let’s get to know why Kor-BBQ Restaurant Grill and Buffet is different from the others.

Aside from being the first smokeless grill in Marikina City, this authentic Korean joint has an expert in the kitchen, Chef Kim Soo Hong. He personally welcomed and journeyed with us all on the dishes we had.

The restaurant has attractive interiors, with a high ceiling that gives a cozy but spacious feel. It is distinctly not the typical Korean food establishment. It is also modern and creatively designed.

In this second Always Hungry Food Crawl stop, we were treated to a feast of both familiar and uniquely curated specials, like unlimited meats with sides and sushi rolls, much to my delight and my fellow blogger friends.

Kor-BBQ Restaurant Grill and Buffet rates are as follows: Monday to Thursday (Php 399) lunch and dinner. While on Friday, Sunday, and holidays (Php 449) lunch and dinner.

The array of Korean dishes are all laid out in their buffet area. Some of these are spicy and fried Gangnam Chicken; familiar Jjapche stir-fried glass noodles; Odeng (fishcake); Donkatsu (breaded pork chops); Ansung Chicken; and Fish Fillet. Also included are these appetizing sides- hot Teokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes), Korean style Pancakes and meatballs.

Want to sip on some savory soup? They have Budechige (sausage stew) and lightly flavored Seaweed Soup. For a healthier pick via salads, you can choose among Musaengchae (radish salad); Potato Salad; Cabbage Salad; and Seaweed Salad.

For the meats, we were able to sample the following as much as we could, Bulgogi (beef), Samgyeopsal (pork belly), and Chadol Baki (sliced beef brisket). You can opt to have them with lettuce wraps or of course, plain rice. For those who want to explore more with their rice, Kimchi Fried Rice is available for you.

The following can be added to your meats and lettuce wraps, depending on your taste to spice up its flavors- Oimuchim (cucumber), Kongnamul Muchim (seasoned soybean sprouts), Spicy Eggplant, Kimchi (cabbage) and Radish Kimchi.

Want to munch on ready prepared quick bites? Choose any of their generously sized and beautifully presented rolls, as they have three available: the Busan Roll, Namhae Roll, and Triple C (C for cheese) for those who can’t even enough of cheese. These plates were really fun to shoot. They are similar to the Japanese ones, just more elaborate.

Marikina is getting to be the next destination for good food. When was the last time you visited? You may check out Kor-BBQ Restaurant Grill and Buffet at 10 Almond Nut St. Mayor Gil Fernando, Marikina City. Lunch hours are from 11:30 am- 3:30 pm, Dinner hours (Monday to Thursday) 5:30 pm-10:30 pm, and (Friday to Sunday) 5:30 pm-12:30 am.

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