Krispy Kreme Heart Shaped Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme got me notified today on how close Valentine’s Day is. They sent me 16 of their melt in your mouth heart shaped doughnuts just this afternoon. I got reminded then on my own plans this coming heart’s day.

Love month just got sweeter and cuter with Krispy Kreme’s latest offering, limited edition heart shaped freshly made doughnuts in various flavours.

This adorable concept could inspire you to finally make a move on someone. Krispy Kreme might also contribute to your on going romance with your significant other. It’s simply a double dose of sweetness, as a gift and an act of love.

For only PHP50 pesos each andPHP450 per dozen, choose from Krispy Kreme’s four (4) new premium Valentine’s creations: take a bite of the Chocolate Strawberry doughnut, a heart-shaped treat filled with Strawberry Kreme, dipped in strawberry glaze and drizzled in Belcolade ganache. Check out classic flavour, Red Velvet too. It has a creamy New York Cheesecake filling. Another one worth exploring, White Chocolate Mascarpone, a white chocolate-dipped doughnut filled with mild and creamy Mascarpone cheese. For a heart-shapped dessert that tastes as good as it looks, it’s gotta be the Strawberry Peach, a ruby glazed doughnut filled with Peach Kreme with a tasty Peppero almond stick. This design is definitely a crowd drawer.

Are you ready for Valentine’s? Me? I just got my girlfriend, Mia a piece. See you at Krispy Kreme!

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