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Just when you thought that Japan is just all about sushis, tampura, tonkatsu, and ramen, lo and behold, their bakeries and cafes are also now thriving in the latest food scene. One of these cafes gaining a foot hold in the Philippines is the Kumori Japanese Bakery and Cafe. Currently, they already have seven branches in the metro, and I have recently been invited to cover their latest outlet in Mall of Asia.

Because of the current construction happening inside the mall, I had a bit of difficulty finding it. So if you plan on visiting them, you have to look particularly for H & M on the ground floor. It’s actually close to the ocean drive.

So I got to sample some of Kumori’s products. And as a guide, they have this really cute menu with colorful illustrations of their items. From here you can choose from a variety of their pastries that matches with your preference best. And a must have regardless would be cheese tart, their highly raved offering. This freshly baked goodie is oozing with cheese with a welcoming soft and creamy texture. Kumori’s could match with other cheese tarts elsewhere.

I also got to try their Coffee Pan, a coffee flavored bun. This fluffy bread has this thin and light crust made up of sweetened coffee beans. It’s aromatic as it is flavorful, a must have when you make it here.

Then there’s their decadent Ube and Cheese Hanjuku. I feel fortunate to have indulged on this one first, as Kumori pioneered its release here in MOA branch. Once I bit on the ube variety, I was instantly reminded of my childhood, as it was a cross between Magnolia ube ice cream and sticky Kraft marshmallows. Thank you Kumori for also giving us even more for a giveaway.

Their Toyahashi Pudding, on the other hand, had just the right touch of sweetness to it. It was kind of similar to a panna cotta, but a bit more firmer in texture.

As for their other pastries such as the Blueberry and Peach Brioche, and the Green Apple Buns, I find them too sweet for my liking. I would feel a bit queasy if I would havd too much of these sweet stuff so I only had small portions of them.

Don’t be discouraged, however to visit Kumori if you aren’t a fan of sweets. They actually have other varieties of baked products that are tamer in sugar as well as savory options. Examples are their Cheesy Sausage Bun, and Crabstick Bonito.

The price points of their products here are definitely easy on the pocket, with most of it under a hundred pesos. If you also wish to have a place to relax, read a book, write, or have a nice talk with a friend, Kumori does have some spots for you to do that. You can also bring home bags of their stuff for some sharing wherever you go.

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