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I was invited recently to Kuya J Otis Branch beside Landers Superstore in Paco, Manila. These two are owned by the same person, Kuya J. Yu from Cebu. It was quite a distance from where I was but went anyway out of curiosity and love for food.

If you’ve followed my food reviews, I’ve already have feasted in Kuya J Megamall, Novaliches and Greenhills. As I entered this branch, I was welcomed by a more spacious layout with striking wooden interiors. It gave me and my other blogger friends a more relaxing feel, which in turn, made us hungrier.

Kuya J serves your loved Filipino dishes with a modern twist. And after being in the food scene for around 2 years or so, they have now reached their first 100th store. This monumental branch is now open in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

After just 20 minutes of waiting, our dishes were served all in one go. As the aroma was strong and enticing, I hurried the photo shots and jump right into eating. I had my plate full of their Kuya J Crispy Pata first. It was a crispy and crunchy pork leg with matching sweet and salty soy sauce. I had this meat with its equally good but sinful Crab Rice Platter.

We also shared Kuya J’s classic version of good old Fried Chicken. Theirs was extremely tasty (not just its outer skin) and quite affordable at Php 490 only, given its relatively bigger size.

When I was young, you wouldn’t make me eat ampalaya, a certified bitter vegetable Today, I could depending on who serves it. Kuya J’s Ampalaya Con Carne hit me good, and I was able to enjoy multiple servings of it, even by just itself. The flavor of meat and veggies were tasty and fresh. It wasn’t too bitter with its savory sauce and black beans.

Pochero Bulalo Tagalog was my favorite among all that was laid out. The meat has distinct strong flavor and fall-off-the-bone soft. It also had ample vegetables on sweet tomato sauce base. This generous bowl could feed a small hungry family.

Their talk of the town desserts was the last I snagged. Kuya J Halo-Halo Espesyal and its Ube variety was a complimentary match after all the surmounting Filipino feast. It has your staple leche flan, pinipig on top, macapuno, with gulaman and saging on fine milky ice. These could be availed 50% off or just at an unbelievable Php 55 price tag this coming October 7 to October 31. This promo is happening, thanks to their celebration of their 100th store.

I don’t know about you but Filipino cuisine is close to my heart. Kuya J’s offers a treat than your usual home cooked flare at home and on top of these, they give it to you at a family price. Tara?!

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