La Creperie, New Manila

After an outreach activity with our U! Happy Events team, we proceeded to have lunch at this quaint cafe in New Manila. It is situated in a seemingly old home, converted into a French-Italian restaurant offering their version of a crepe.

It was a light lunch for the six of us and as such, we started with two bowls of greens. Both Salad Nicoise and Salad Lyonnaise were appetizing and fresh, contributed mostly to a generous serving of vibrant romaine lettuce. The Nicoise, in particular, was worth remembering for its spicy touch with is hot tuna and jalapeno pieces.

For pasta, we got two red sauce varieties, meaty Bolognese and a simple yet appetizing bacon spiced Amatriciana. The white sauce, however, was the standout. Their Pesto Cream Carbonara was a hit for its unbelievably creamy texture and strong earthy taste. This bowl quickly vanished in our table. I, unfortunately, only got access to a small serving size.

For dessert, which is a must here at La Creperie, we got Mango Nutella French Toast and their rich Double Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream. These two were stormed in too! Both were well prepared, cooked just with the right amount of love.

If you are looking for a homey environment for brunch or a late snack, this spot could just be the one destined for you. It is located at the corner of Broadway and E Rodriguez, at the heart of New Manila.

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