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If you can tell by my blog, I spend most, if not all, of my meal times out in restaurants, cafes, holes in the wall, and everything in between. That behavior is precisely why I started this blog, which I thank you guys for continuously reading.

But on some very rare moments where I just want to stay home and take some “me” time perhaps, I do like to get a little busy in the kitchen. A man’s gotta know his way around that place too to surprise the future missus as well as the little ones (when they come). Cooking in the kitchen also is rather very relaxing and makes me take out my creative chef hat and just get crazy. The thing is, I would need the right tools and whatnot to make my cooking magical… at least for me.

And that precisely calls for quality equipment that gets the job done, no questions asked. Let’s talk about my ideal kitchen helper.

A few weeks ago, I got an invite from La Germania, an Italian born kitchen master, a household name here and in other countries as well. This celebration was done at Guevarra’s, Chef Laudico and wife’s helm and restaurant. On top of them curating a special menu for us that day using their La Germania equipment, I actually won one, an an SL 100 when they chose my instagram photo as the best entry.

La Germania brand is synonymous to exactly what you and I need to make a banging good time in the kitchen. It’s that reliability and consistency in performance that really is indispensable to me, even as a very occasional cook. Having cooking equipment from them actually does make creating wonders easier. Who knew I could whip up a mean dinner for one or five?

Did I mention I love to curate my own dishes and sometimes recreate my favorite ones and invite dear friends over to try? It’s a rare happening so they would (and should, wink wink) feel special. It’s so much more of a benefit to me really seeing them satisfied with what I prepared.

Since I myself have seen the dependability of their products, I would recommend checking them out and purchasing the right kitchen equipment for you as well. They have a wide assortment of choices: from burner ranges to single burner tabletop gas and electric stoves. You name it!

A little tip I got from my friends at La Germania (because I have come to love the brand from it being a household name), their products have been meticulously engineered to be tough enough to withstand the constant grind of the modern Filipino kitchen. That means you can go as crazy as you want and between you and your stove, you’re gonna be the one that’s worn out. Whew! Its secret magic strength can be traced to its principal, Bertazzoni.

Another firm reason why La Germania brand became what it is today, even if it’s an international brand is its proximity to us. Their stoves, range ovens, range hoods, cookers are being manufactured and distributed here too. These products are available in Kitchen Gallery showrooms and all appliance centers nationwide so you should go check them out to see which one you can take home and whip a storm in the kitchen with.

At the end of the day, it really is about celebrating the art of cooking and having a more delightful time preparing meals for loved ones, friends, and even yourself. It’s about making a task not seem like one and even make it truly enjoyable.

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