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Curious on what Landers offers, I visited this huge international store 2 weeks back. I did this after a short stint at nearby Kuya J. Both establishments are owned by businessman, Luis Yu, Jr. Landers, in particular, is a membership grocery store which started fairly recently last June 2016.

Their stores are now multiplying since. Besides Otis, they also have Balintawak and Cebu. Soon to open are Alabang and C5 Arcovia. This main store is one of their flagship branches and it is located in the heart of Manila, Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila.

I was quite impressed with their lofty ceiling and spacious layout that made the store look even grander as it is. On one side sits Landers Central, which serves American favorites of pizza, chicken, pasta, hotdogs, salad, desserts and their best selling and popular Angus Burger.

The celebrated Angus Beef Burger is being sold for only Php 169 solo and Php 199 with fries. It’s a must-have product to have especially if you are a first timer here. This was both cheesy and fresh and its US meat tender and savory.

Our team also grabbed their pasta, available in both in the red and white sauces. Everyone unanimously approved that they are filling and satisfying. One commented that he wasn’t expecting it to be that good since it is not their specialty.

Complimenting this feast was some tender and tasty Fried Chicken as well as a salad to balance out our entire meal.

I’d like to give my compliments to their Pretzels, Cheese Sticks and Churros with Cinnamon. These like their plates of pasta were unexpected good. These are served hot and fresh, so one must learn to wait.

Landers Superstore and its dining champion Central is ready to serve you. One must only pay a minimal membership fee to gain access. Currently, they have an enticing promotion of Php 800 only for two cards! Now, what are you waiting for?

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