LAVA Cheese Tarts, BGC

Entering one of the branches of the proudly locally-made LAVA cheese tarts can be quite an experience. This location is near the supermarket and could just greet you with its smell if you come from the basement parking area.

The main star of the show is, of course, their delectable cheese tarts. Passersby take a glance or two at the open glass displays of the minicircles of goodness. With all the craze on imported dessert, concepts, Lave deserves your attention as well.

What’s amazing about their cheese tarts is they are 100% sourced and made in the Philippines and that includes the cheese. The owners take globalization on another breadth, with the inspiration in bringing this savory dessert to our palates. Behind this stall is the same team behind Bibingkinitan, another Filipino favorite brought to an everyday casual setting.

Tasting the tart itself is rather fun. The tart obediently keeps it shape as you take a bite, with a very gooey center giving away into a slow flow of cheese. It’s very much alike to the flow of lava from the crater, hence its name. Better take another bite fast before the cheese escapes you.

Lava has gratuitously provided us with a flavor bar, displaying toppings on toppings we can put on the tarts. You name it! Knock yourself out with the combinations of nuts, fruit jams, crushed biscuits, and chocolates.

Since cheese is the main ammo here, don’t miss it in their soft serve as well. This was I could say, is an acquired taste. Once having it, you may take a moment to wrap your taste buds around the curious taste since it definitely has some gorgonzola in it. It’s like a perfect marriage of salty and sweet, with a ripe aftertaste and a creamy undertone. You may add toppings to bring some more interest to it. Whichever floats your boat. But it definitely is a treat for sure.

If you haven’t already visited, it’s high time you come over to enjoy some Filipino craftsmanship brought out to the world and back. See you!

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