Leann’s Tea House, Tomas Morato

There’s definitely a number of restaurants around the metro that are worth discovering and checking out. Some of these establishments offer fresh and creative food concepts to their customers. If you would just go around and try to discover new places to eat in and explore, you will find that there’s a lot of restaurants within the confines of the Tomas Morato area.

For the third time around since I started writing restaurant reviews, I arranged a food trip plan together with a couple of friends of mine, having four restaurants listed for us to visit. Our first food stop is Leanne’s Tea House in Tomas Morato. When we got there, we figured that parking at that place would become a nightmare for some. Luckily, there were available parking slots for two vehicles in front of their establishment, on which I have parked the car I was driving at that time. Anyway, this area would allow you to park on the side streets and even outside some driveway.

Leanne’s Tea House was actually named after one of the owner’s niece. In spite of the fact that Leanne’s is actually a tea house, it is not in anyway, related to or inspired by the Chinese. However, the restaurant’s chef is Korean and he happens to be the brother-in-law of one of the restaurant’s owners, Miss Giselle. Miss Giselle took her time in feeding us info about the restaurant’s background and also their food.

As we ate and ate and ate more food, we didn’t realize that this was only our first food stop and we shouldn’t stuff ourselves so much since we still have three other restaurants in tow for us to visit that day. At the back of my head, I was already contemplating on running for a bit so I can burn some calories and make room for the food I’ll be having in the three restaurants that would follow.

So to build up your appetite, I recommend that you order their seafood doenjang jigae for starters. It’s actually a bowl of delicious seafood stew soup. This authentic Korean dish is the closest thing to having a taste of Korea.

Keep in mind to have their bulgogi too. It’s the best thing to have if you’re into a balanced diet.

Out of all the dishes that we had then, our favorite was their chicken buldak. This Korean spiced chicken is served with ricecake and mozzarella cheese. The combination of flavors in this dish was just overwhelming. I guess the only downside to it though is that I had more portions of rice than what I usually have.

Anyways, another thing that Leann’s Tea House takes pride in is their seafood pancake. It was thick and slightly crunchy. I suggest that you add some gochujang in it for an additional fix of spicy.

All in all, I can say that all the foods we had then at Leann’s Teahouse were just worth raving about.

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