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In some countries like the United States, Iced Teas are served without sugar. In most Asian countries, they are prepared usually in a tea pot, steaming hot. Here, we usually have it ice cold and usually served really sweet. All fast foods have it, as well casual dining restaurants.

There is a new Iced Tea player in town, and they are coming in fresh and hip, with different flavors in tow. Lick Iced Tea is the only full brewed tea made from the flavors of green and black tea. Upon sipping, it identifies itself already as different, with its bold lingering taste. It’s not full of sugar, instead, it highlights the real taste of tea.

Since tea is naturally bitter, Lick integrates a healthier form of sweetener, cane sugar with Stevia Plant extract. So you have a bottle full of flavor with lesser calories. There are only 130 calories in their 380ml bottles! More importantly, a bottle of Lick has health benefits too. It does help lower ones cholesterol and risk of having a heart problem.

Lick Iced Tea comes in four vibrant variants- Green Apple, Huckle Berry, Raspberry, Sicilian Lemon, and Southern Sweet Peach. Each flavor is distinct from one another, so having it regularly shouldn’t be a concern. My favorite among all five would be their Huckle Berry, a bottle of mixed berries. I am a fan of these fruits, so liking it was almost automatic. Don’t forget to have these with lots of ice to beat the upcoming summer heat!

Lick Iced Tea is available at the following establishments: Landmark Supermarkets, Breadtalk Philippines, Quincy Supermarket (QC), Shoppers’ Mart (Binondo), Famous Kitchen, La Spezia MNL, The Green Company, Sunshine Fruitbar, Tazza Café, Craft Coffee, Octoboy, Tin Hok Chinese Deli, Coffee Habit, Paper+Cup (Manila Bulletin HQ), Red Baron, Megawatt, Templo.

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