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Weekends pave the way for more invites than weekdays. And last Friday night was no different. I was invited to a night of drinks and good food for the launch of the newest spirit to hit Manila’s shores, Liquid Gold. This was held at upscale Manila Polo Club in Makati.

The program jump-started with a bunch of shows to entertain a crowd of mostly their president, Ms. Lina Castillo’s friends and colleagues. She was also celebrating her birthday on that very night.

Sophistication in a bottle, elegance in a glass, or simply Liquid Gold Drinks — a bevy of classy, limited edition drinks ranging from Italian white sparkling wine made from the finest Glera grapes, and vodka, is set to in the local bars and supermarkets as we speak.

This product was a creation of Italian Marino Roberto, known for his expertise when it comes to high-quality Italian clothing and grocery products. He is known to bring the best products to Italy, Germany and the UK. And now he brings that expertise in the Philippines with Liquid Gold Prosecco.

Besides the unique blend of the taste of Liquid Gold Prosecco Italian Sparkling White, they also have Bianchetta Trevigiana.These drinks are distinct not only because of its sophisticated taste, but also because of its beautiful packaging that make it a standout in parties and events.

Then there is also Liquid Gold’s Prosecco Doc Elegant, a night stealer with its striking metallic bottles, made available in many cool colors. They also have Prosecco Doc Classic and Cuvee, Vino Spumante Extra Dry Black and Gold edition.

Liquid Gold is available in leading wine and liquor stores, and soon in supermarkets and groceries. For more information, contact Lina Castillo at 0917.8753793. Follow Liquid Gold Wine and Spirits in FB and IG.

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