Litsonero, Baclaran

I had the chance of going on a food trip to Baclaran. It was actually my first time to be in this side of town. I just usually hear about this place in the news. The best thing about receiving restaurant invites is I get to go to unfamiliar places so I can make my food reviews. This time around, I got to go on a food adventure at Pista Food Hall, which occupies the whole third floor of Victory Food Market.

One of the stalls here, from which I got to try out their food, is Litsonero. From the name itself, you can tell that their specialty are roasted dishes. Their signature fried litson pork belly was crunchy beyond words, while their litson manok was very tender. I’m glad that their roasted chicken wasn’t greasy at all. I also got to try out their original re-creation of roast pork asado, which was served like meatloaf on a chopping board. Glad that this one isn’t fatty too.

Litsonero’s dishes can also be availed through their buffet option. You may dine in here and eat all that you can from all six stalls inside Pista Hall, at Php249 only. And that is what I would refer to as a “superb deal.”


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