Livestock Restaurant and Bar

When friends talk about a restaurant that they like, I hunt them down. So I heard they have the best Crispy Pata in town, me and 2 friends went to check it out. did claim them as best Cripsy Pata. Personally, they’re not the best one. Yes, its amazing that a popsicle stick can slice through it but for me it just lacked a more powerful flavor or a distinct one to be numero uno. I love the sauce that came with it though- have it with extra chili.

Their Kare Kare made the experience half exciting. It was terrible. I forgot to take a photo after we ate. We barely touched it. It was too bland, too garlicky and had a burnt after taste. The only plus here was texture. There were real peanut bits in the dish.

The best one was their 4 eggs and Spinach. Although this seemed to be a lost dish in a Filipino restaurant, it’s actually their gem. It really is well made with different flavors. It also a welcoming healthy dish when you have deep fried meat on the table.

I also enjoyed their Goat Cheese Ensalada. All that’s in I love- the pesto, arugula, heirloom tomato and of course goat cheese. I recommend this to start of your meal here.

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