Mai Wei Fang (Chinese Bakery)

If you found out I am in the streets of Manila, it’s likely only for two reasons- conducting an outreach event or covering a food establishment. Around late December last year, I was invited, and tagged along some foodie friends to visit a newly opened foreign bakery, Mai Wei Fang. It’s pronounced as my way fang, just in case you need to read this out loud.

This Chinese bakery kinda resembles Taiwanese cuisine. In particular, a number of their offerings can be found in the streets of Taipei.

Ever heard of Sheng Jian Bao? It is a pan fried version of Xiao Long Bao. My friends enjoyed it too much, that we ended up munching down around 10 orders of it. I loved how it was thicker, protecting its savory pork dumpling inside. A touch of black vinegar is also suggested to give it a lingering tangy taste.

We also had some Chinese Fried Chicken, an addicting fillet of well seasoned meat with loads of crunch. This was one of my favorites here.

For sandwiches, we shared two kinds, Cong You Bing, a crispy green onion pancaked formed like a taco, filled with fluffy scrambled eggs with green onion; and Shao Bing Sandwich, a flaky flat bread filled with eggs, a stick of You Tiao (Chinese doughnut) and tasty pork floss. The latter was quite a unique treat, a combination of sweet and salty in one big bite.

We also had You Tiao separately, a simple yet delectable fried snack that is usually topped in Chinese congee. Mai Wei Fang’s version sweetened this up with some condensed milk and nuts.

For drinks, we got to try all of their few varieties. I zeroed in on their Premium Soy Chilled Milk, one of my go to drinks when I travel to China. Others had Premium Chinese Ice Lemon Tea and Premium Wintermelon Chilled Tea.

If you are planning a trip out to the East and currently stuck with work, Mai Wei Fang could be your destination for authentic eats for now. You can find them at the heart of Manila, at the Adriatico Wing of Robinson’s Manila. It maybe tough going there, but that’s part of the journey of eating.

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