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Imagine just how festive it would be if you lived with someone who can cook like a chef, a celebration on the dining table could be an everyday event. Such is the case for the family of Mamou owners, siblings Annie Montano and Chef Malou “Mamou” Fores, who also happen to be the sister-in-law of Cibo owner, Margarita Fores.

After a decade of success, they’ve opened their third branch and I had a wonderful opportunity to feast with Tita Annie alongside my other media friends. They didn’t just feed us with sumptuous dishes, but gave us a rich background of their humble beginnings.

Did you know that a number of their dishes have stories behind them? I was entertained hearing one after another like the Pappy’s Toast, Rau’s Platter, and Pol’s Pancakes.

This latest spot is now near my home so there’s no more excuse not to come back for their superb home cooked meals and warm dining experience. The two other branches are in Power Plant, Makati and Serendra, BGC.

From its facade to its interiors, I really am digging the new Mamou’s ambiance. The place gives off a very rustic, vintagey feel to it, like a country home with its white and red wooden furnitures, paint, and backdrop.

Our dinner started off with the Palm Spring Rolls (Php 245) made of coconut palm hearts, ground pork, chili sauce, and garlicky vinaigrette. You should alternate the two dips, as they both enrich an already wonderful appetizer.

Next was their Warm Couscous Salad (Php 325). It showcased a party of colors and a series of healthy fixes of carrots, zucchini, capsicum, red Benguet rice, and smooth whole wheat couscous in it. I’m particularly not a fan of salads until I had this one. This was undeniably fresh, vibrant and tasty.

We were served two of their pastas. First was the lightly seasoned yet filling Mario Bottarga Al Olio (Php 425) made up of spaghettini, tuna roe, and garlic olive oil sauce, served al dente. The other was my favorite meal of the night, Linguine Al Nero (Php 365), linguine pasta tossed in fresh and kicking with savory squid ink sauce. I must admit that we also had a fun time being silly and laughing with the squid ink stains all over our lips and teeth.

Mamou is known for their steak and we were treated with an ample serving of their specialty Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak, served with spinach and corn on the side. A single serving weighs about 400 gms and is priced at Php 1,950 while the twin serving is at Php 3,490. It was prepared medium rare, unbelievably tender, juicy, and well seasoned. No doubt the reason why it’s the crowd favorite and described as “indescribably good”.

Another dish we got to try was their Cuban Roast Pork and Chicken (Php 365 for the half size, and Php 655 for sharing). It is made up of citrus rubbed pork and chicken, buttered onions, Cuban rice, cinnamon saba, and black beans. The meats were oozing with juices and spiced just right with the sides fully complementing one another to give amazing varied tastes and textures. This dish is a must try, it’s a complete meal and it represents how Mamou works hard in their offerings. It is a trademark of their love for food!

No meal is complete without dessert and boy did they come to us like fireworks. We had the Key Lime Pie with Schlagsahne, a creamy, sweet, and tangy delight all in one; the Pecan Pie, a mushy and crunchy bite with a kick of orange zest; and the Dark Chocolate Sansrival, a masterpiece with layers of buttery and bittersweet goodness.

Mamou is definitely the home kitchen we all wish we had and we’re lucky Chef Malou and Tita Annie extended theirs for all of us. So the next time you feel a craving or just want to make up a reason to have a great meal without the risk of disappointment, Mamou will be there to welcome you like family.

If you wish to know more about them, go ahead and stalk their instagram, @mymamou.

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