MARIQ Cafe + Restaurant, San Roque

Marikina just continuously surprises foodies like me, especially with the birth of every new restaurant within the area, offering breakthrough food concepts to its dining clients. You can observe that the restaurant owners aren’t just trying to be at par with the rest of the competition in the food industry, but they also continue to help out Marikina boom in the food business.The city is now emerging as one of the go-to cities in the metro that’s worth visiting to if you wanted to go on a food trip. If you are considering of dropping by Marikina, I suggest that you include MARIQ Cafe + Restaurant in your bucket list of places to dine in!

Their restaurant showcases mostly classic Filipino dishes, prepped up with a modern touch to them. MARIQ served us their banner dishes, everlasting and pininyahang manok. Apparently, these dishes are just some of the Marikeños favorites. Everlasting is actually MARIQ’s own version of embutido (cured dry sausage). You would find this very good the moment you pop it into your mouth, as the yummy flavors linger in your palate.

The tangy taste of pineapple is very evident in the pininyahang manok dish, and it worked out just fine with the coconut cream. You can tell that the chicken was cooked well since its meat is really tender.

MARIQ’s kare-kare was delectably made, and you can easily tell that I liked it so much judging from the amount of kare-kare and rice I had that night. I love how MARIQ presented their kare-kare with a nice, thick sauce to it, displaying the right balance of sweet peanut-ty taste and saltiness in a dish.

Other must-haves in MARIQ’s menu are their garlicky shrimp salpicao, sweet and tender pork humba, and the ampalaya salad–all of which are really good, but the latter is deserving of an award. Yes, the ampalaya tasted bitter, but that was actually complemented with the flavors of onions, tomatoes, and dilis (anchovies) that was tossed together in the salad with it.

My favorite from all the dishes that I got to try from MARIQ’s menu is their porchetta. The meat was infused with the lemongrass, garlic, and ginger flavors. It was baked for three hours, aired overnight, and was finally put into the oven again for another two hours. The efforts exerted in putting this dish together are all so worth it, given that the people behind making this dish created a masterpiece. The pork skin had the perfect crunchiness to it, opposite the meat that was so tender and tasty to its core.

One of the highlights of the entire course are MARIQ’s cakes. I suggest that you try out at least two varieties of cakes in case you get to visit their restaurant. Their halo-halo cake is a piece of art. It had this nice ube flavor to it, which was perfectly combined with the sweetness and creaminess of the leche flan and the crunchy texture of rice crispies. I am also in love with their quezo de bola cheesecake. It is somewhat similar to an ensaymada, but even better, with the load of cheese in it. We also got to try out their chocolate and sans rival cakes, and they definitely didn’t disappoint either.

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