Marison’s, San Roque, Rizal

I was able to attend another foodie meetup, thanks to Zomato for making it possible for foodies like us to discover new dining places and explore a variety of dishes. It’s my fifth time to attend a foodie meetup, and we visited Marisons in San Roque, Rizal, on a sponsored invite. I think that this meetup has to be the most memorable so far in my book.

During this restaurant visit, we have met the owner of the restaurant herself, Miss Marison, and her son, who willingly filled us in about their passion for food, and even shared their personal lives to us.

Anyway, we were served so much food in our table as if we’re more than ten people. We never expected to have such a huge feast.

Everything that was served to us, from appetizers, to soups, to their main entrees, down to the desserts was just overwhelmingly amazing. Just when we thought that we have already seen enough of what restaurants can do with some of the most popular Filipino dishes, Marisons took a step up into their game and reached a whole new level of excellence when it comes to their food. You can tell from the way that the dishes were served that the people behind them didn’t only focus on how the foods tasted, but they also have been keen on the quality of their ingredients and their food presentation.

Their kare-kare was just perfectly made. They used cashew nuts and peanuts in this dish. The peanut sauce was creamy and somewhat sweet. They actually served us two varieties of their kare-kare – the classic one and the seafood kind. Both are really good on their own that there is actually no need to pair them up with bagoong.

What actually stood out from everything that was served to us was their fried kesong puti that was paired with pineapple syrup. Their unique twist of a cheesestick just oozes with cheesy goodness in every bite.

I think that their version of halo-halo is the best one I’ve had so far. They use really fine ice, and it had the right sweetness to it.

I may not have mentioned everything we have tried from their  menu, but one thing is for sure though – that everything was just all worth having. If you are down for a food trip, you might as well visit Marisons and try out their food for yourself.

I am so hoping that they will eventually have an expansion and put up more branches in Manila. I would gladly volunteer myself to be their endorser, free of charge.

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