Marquis Events Place Launch

Marquis BGC is the newest events place in this buzzing location. Prior to its formal opening, I was invited to an exclusive first look.

Marquis is owned by a trio of siblings, who created the place as inspired by the legend of a thousand cranes. Thus the theme of the events place, which is an understated grandiose and luxury. Its design boasts soaring geometric patterns and a palette of gold and auburn that exudes elegance and inspiration.

The venue covers one half of the Park Triangle Building, where Kidzania is. Anticipation builds as you go up three sets of elevators surrounded by the grand aesthetic as the main event sits on the 3rd floor.

It was a very well-attended function, with notable names from the media, fashion, and other related industries all coming together to bask in Marquis’ brand of events and functions services. The banquet was a fitting setup to accommodate all invitees, with the whole 1,500 square meter venue lit up brightly for everybody to gawk at.

On both sides of Marquis were event setups that they showcase. It was a creative presentation of ideas on how to tailor the place to fit the event or function. There were 6 amazing themed setups: Conference setup, Socials setup, Kiddie Party setup, Prom setup, Debut setup, and of course a Wedding setup. Each setup had a corresponding cuisine arrangement to match the theme.

The Conference setup mimicked a corporate function and had scrumptious hors d’ oeuvres as the suggested food arrangement. Smoked Salmon, Dill and Chèvre, and Prawns and Brie Blanquette were on the bar, tiny bites for a dash of fun on a serious afternoon.

The Socials setup features a cocktail format with an impressive selection of cheeses, artisan breads, gourmet spreads and a variety of nuts and dried fruits.

On the corner was the amazing Kiddie Party setup, which low-key made 9 year old me jealous that I did not have a theme like this. It was complete with a mini stage that is dressed as a carnival – game booths on the side and a popcorn machine, fried ice cream stall and flavored fries. A kid’s dream party is where this is at.

The Prom setup was dashing as it was stylish. It had an understated black and white motif with a lit up platform before a full band. This setup came with the dessert selection of Marquis, too pretty yet satisfying to eat.

The Debut Setup was a very attractive affair. Spot on with the accents to make any debutante swoon. Scallop Ravioli and Grilled Chicken Pistou over Quinoa with Zucchini was on the food bar, which is a right and healthy choice for the night when a girl becomes a lady.

And the Wedding setup was adorned with ethereal gowns care of Rosa Clara and Vera Wang. And what better food selection to have than some delicious Braised Angus Beef Blade, Chilean Sea Bass and Yellow Pepper Froth Soup, a preview of a grand feast to celebrate the union of two people.

All of these under the whopping 7-meter high ceiling from which a thousand lit up cranes hang over the magic going on below. The food is care of Marquis’ own brand of gourmet catering, which I think did very well in their execution of the dishes.

The entire place can be divided into three sections, whichever suits the needs of your function. It can comfortably seat from 50 to an astounding 1,500 people.

If there’s one thing you can count on at Marquis, it’s that they endeavor to make your dream event unfold the way you desire it to be, and more. These showcases bring home how Marquis is very versatile and very capable in materializing your dream.

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