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Filipino comfort food is something a lot of people look forward to—whether after a night out or simply craving for a familiar dish on a day that hasn’t been going too well. This is what Mongelica Pares & Mami Hub brings to the table.

Obviously, the restaurant’s Pares & Mami are two of their stars, but Mongelica has so much more to offer. We were able to visit them for lunch and try out their “usual” but distinctive menu.

First on the list were the Lunch Specials: their yummy Beef Pares With Garlic Fried Rice (Php 140), with juicy meat and a hefty serving of rice. We were also able to try Spicy Fried Rice With Egg & Tomatoes (Php 150), for those who want to have a spicier kick to their meal.

Now we go to the Specialties: Beef Pares Mami (Php 130), a liberal serving of mami with their very special Pares; Pork Belly Adobo (Php 190), a must try with the thick slice of tasty and not so fatty pork belly; as well as the Pancit Canton with loads of veggies (Php 95), for noodle lovers, big enough for up to 4 people.

If you are here to bond with friends and family over food, I suggest orders good to share. They have Beef Bulalo (Php 250), perfect for cold, rainy nights; Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 170), a go to sinful dish, usually paired with beer; Tokwa’t Baboy (Php 140), another timeless pulutan, providing the balance of healthy and indulgent; and Mongelica’s creamy yet still crunchy, Classic Sisig (Php 190).

Not just pulutan and merienda here. Their Grilled menu has these to offer: the Pork/Chicken Isaw: Original (3 pieces for Php 60), Special (3 pieces for Php 70)
Chicken Gizzard (Php 35); and Pork BBQ (Php 45) are all big sticks of value. Have it while exchanging stories with friends.

For something a little lighter, there are the sides: the crunchy Lumpia Togue (Php 30), as the filling and wrapper ratio was superb; Pork Siomai (Php 45) and Siopao Asado/Bola Bola (Php 55).

Yes, they also have Desserts and you can choose among three: Mais Con Hielo (Php 70) and Halo Halo (Php 129) which has very fine shaved ice, not too common in the Filipino desserts that we are accustomed to. For someone with a sweet tooth but is not too partial to something cold, they have one of our favorites, Leche Flan (Php 40).

It’s affordable, and they flavored everything right. Mongelica Pares & Mami Hub is a worthy visit at the parking lot of City Golf Plaza, in Julia Vargas Avenue Pasig. Delivery is available via Honest Bee too if you want to just chill wherever you are.

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