Nando’s, Dubai

This Afro-Portugese origin is a hit in Singapore and missed a chance to try it when I was there. Having discovered it is available here, I just had to take the time to taste. It was my last meal in Dubai.

Got the platter for 119 AED and could serve 4 not so hungry individuals, the cuts were not as big. Mango Lime is their newest offering and picked that instantly. The flavors were felt but only on its skin. But then it was battling with bitter chargrilled marks. The white meat was bland on most parts and I found their sauces lacking sweetness to give it a lighter feel. You could get a shock on first encounter.

Although their sides were generous, it also unimpressed. I found all four plain. The fries though were good enough, its potato packed without much air. One upside though is that they serve your food in lightning speed.


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