Nha Em, BGC

Recently visited a new Vietnamese cuisine concept in a widely renowned food destination that is SM Aura Premier.

It takes the form of a house, and its called Nha Em. Very apt since “nha em” translates to “my home” in English. It is literally walking into a Vietnamese abode, as the concept takes you to a traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Nha Em serves what is identifiable to Vietnamese cuisine and that means they got caffeine-rich Vietnamese coffee too. This discovery was possible since they were part of past week’s SM Aura Premier’s Art in Coffee. For your benefit, it was a two-day event to showcase local art and the love for coffee.

If you’ve gotten around their cuisine, you’d be familiar with Ca Phe Da. It’s the traditional name for their coffee. It’s a base of strong Robusta beans poured through a small Vietnamese drip filter, dripping onto a good amount of condensed milk. The result would be a very sweet and milky taste yet with an undertone of bitterness from the Robusta. Overall a very enjoyable drink that would perk you up for sure.

While you’re at it, don’t neglect the beautifully designed menu and see their selections for a quick yet hefty bite or two. A must try would be their Fried and Fresh Spring Rolls and some Vietnamese Pancake.

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