Niño’s Burritos, Santa Lucia

One couldn’t help but assume that Mexican restaurants offer more expensive meals compared to other cuisines. I guess this is caused by the rich display of flavors and ingredients. It was quite a treat to spot this Mexican fare that’s affordable – Niño’s Burritos Bistro in SM City East Ortigas.

Niño’s isn’t exactly a newcomer in the food business. Originally hailing from Mandurriao, Iloilo, they have launched their first branch in Atria Park in San Rafael District back in 2015. Then, they had a business expansion, later on, opening other branches in Robinson’s Place Jaro, SM City Southpoint, and SM Fairview. This branch here is somewhat small, but its neat interiors make up for its limited space.

Here, we were able to try a number of their specialties that were given a Filipino twist to it.

We actually had one of Niño’s bestsellers, which is their Calamares (Php 255). This plate of squid rings was an instant favorite for it was well-seasoned with various spices. The calamares can be enjoyed on its own or it can be paired with a serving of rice (such a Filipino thing though, right?).

You can tell that the squid rings are a crowd favorite as they get easily sold out. The best thing about Niño’s is that they don’t scrimp on its serving size and they provide a generous portion of it to its customers.

We had their Chili Con Carne (P185) which would have turned out to be a great pair for some crispy and warm tortilla chips. They used imported spices in it to give it its distinctive flavors, minus the use of unhealthy preservatives. This one is an ideal kicker before you start with your mains.

We also had Beef Quesadilla (Php 180). Although the taste isn’t exactly as authentic and as good as this Tex-Mex specialty, I found this pleasantly filling.

Nino’s is also known for their burritos. We had their beef variety, which boasted of the richness of the cheese and tasty ground beef in it. This had a good balance of protein and carbs, unlike other places that are usually flooded with rice. Note to the staff that they should griddle their tortillas on the pan longer. Doing such will make the burrito dining experience so much better.

We also got to try their Picanto Wings (Php 220). Staff claims that their customers are actually fond of this perfectly marinated chicken parts. This is their own take on the classic buffalo wing recipe. It was made with a great blend of seasoning, and I find its level of spiciness just right. I am as you know have low tolerance on hot stuff. The Chicken Barbecue with rice was also a treat as it gave it a tasty bite after another.

If on the other hand, you’re just in the mood to have your fill of French fries, you may ask them for a single order of it for only Php 70.

To cap this off, Mexican food is definitely hard to resist, especially since they bring in so much comfort to us foodies. So if you feel like having Mexican grub any time and you’re on a budget, you could consider visiting them in any of their opened spots.

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