Nomad’s- Barbecue + Refuge, Bel-Air Review 2

It has been awhile since I had a meal or drink here, Nomad’s is a restaurant and bar located at now a quieter strip, Jupiter in Makati. Don’t ask me why they have the word refuge in their name. I forgot to ask that.

Maybe they are pointing out that they are a safe shelter for comfort food or a go to place to chill. That’s what I felt recently, and so did other foodies who went with me. The ambiance does give a relaxing vibe. The wall art, on the other hand, adds even more life to this establishment.

They got a new menu folks, and my friends had a glimpse of their soon to be best sellers. While I await for them to prepare, I kicked off with my own master bowl of Mongolian. Nomad’s has their own sets of already made sauces, and that made my version even better. So I placed loads of colorful veggies and as much fresh chicken my tummy desired.

Anyway, focusing back on why we got invited here. To start, we were served Kimchi Cheesesticks. It was an interesting crunchy and squishy bite with loads of tangy spice. It was like a Korean version of Dynamite! Must order, guys!

We had more appetizing starters, like Umami Fries. Fortunately, it says what it is, the taste encompasses multiple flavors. Dumplings were also served and it came with two filling varieties. One was a combination of vegetables and another, a more savory combination of pork, shrimp and salted egg.

If you like meat, I suggest ordering their Wagyu Nigiri. It featured their own tender wagyu cube which I tried on my first visit. This time it topped on toasted Japanese rice. It’s like a sushi but more addicting.

For dessert, it was an ending I didn’t expect. How can a deep fried milk ball taste so good? The culprit here could be the dose of coconut or simply how it was prepared altogether. Now am craving to have this, again.

Nomad’s, thank you for having us. Now I know why you guys are still around despite the growing fanatic in Poblacion, the other side of your neighborhood.

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