North Park Noodles, Highway Hills

It was a reunion at my best friend’s home last week. We gathered to welcome home one of our friends who became a balikbayan due to work. North Park was the consensus and we ordered conveniently via their online portal.

It was a Hong Kong themed feast as we were almost a dozen. We got all the usuals, the ones that made this restaurant last for more than a decade. It was their North Park Noodles that became the show stealer, it came in a pizza like box and a generous container of toppings in thick, savory sauce.

Our group also had crispy Lechon Macao, a bit spiced Salt and Pepper Spareribs, tasty Fish Fillet in Superior Sauce, loads of classic Pork Siomai, fresh Kailan leaves and Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Everything was finished, everyone satisfied and filled. North Park proved itself again as it was a good company while we chat the night away.

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