Oomori, Karuhatan

Arca Yard Food Park is a getaway for food and drinks enthusiast all the way to the north. It is situated at McArthur highway all the way to Valenzuela City. Have you ever been? Food parks have really expanded! Don’t fret as this complex houses a lot of choices for you and me.

One of the stalls that Arca Yard has is Oomori. It is a kiosk that specializes in Japanese cuisines with a twist.

Oomori means a”large serving” in English. True to what it means, this place provides a portion of food good enough to satisfy your appetite. Their menu includes rice meals, varieties of sushis, temakis, classic tempura and set menu for groups. All of these for a reasonable price.

I tried Oomori’s sushi burger. This could be a fad again. It is a sign of the ever-evolving Japanese cuisine. This reminded me of now-defunct Sanjo burger and McDonald’s attempt to do a rice burger way back. Their salmon burger patty was cooked on point with a bit of a crisp. Its Japanese rice easy to bite into and the nori giving it some boost of Japanese flavor.

Our team of foodies was also able to try their sushi line, in particular, the California Maki.

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