Oppa! Chicken, Shangri-La Plaza Mall

By now signs of Valentine’s is very much felt already. You hear it, see it and feel that love is indeed in the air. And in every celebration of love, food is a common ground to share precious moments together.

Last week, I was invited by Shangri-La Plaza mall to take a peek at their preparations for Valentine’s. We had a food crawl involving six different food establishments, serving a variety of cuisines and flavors. I was literally crawling after this gastronomic event that spanned almost 4 hours! My co-foodies who joined it must’ve have been too stuffed as well.

Get together with loved ones over a usual combination of chicken and beer. Oppa! Chicken at Level 6, still at the Main Wing serves the trending Korean experience of Korean Fried Chicken done in their own set of spices. Choose from soy garlic, sweet and spicy, or the very spicy Atomic Bomb, among the many options available. There are also fries, rice, noodles or even cheese (via fondue) as your choice of carbs while you attack their meats.

The plates of fried chicken here was served really crispy but could use a bit more intensity in taste. My foodies and I agree that a little bit more seasoning can really bring out the Korean authenticity. For our last dish here we also got to dip in their really hot serving of Toppoki, a street food made of spicy rice, fish cake, sticky cheese, topped with gobs.

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