Overdoughs, Ugong

Coinciding with the opening of Elait at the 30th mall is that of its sister store “Overdoughs”. Also owned by Francis Carl Reyes, this is the second branch of its kind after the one they’ve opened at Century City Mall.

For a quick introduction, Overdoughs is the chosen name of the store because they do have intentions to get you overdosed (no pun intended) with their doughnuts. And with the way that their doughnuts taste, it’s hard not to see this happening.

They also plan on hiring staff who have ADHD, down syndrome or autism. They are currently working with the Unilab Foundation to make this happen.
This like I mentioned with my Elait review is an interesting proposition and it does show the kind and compassionate nature of its owners.

For this visit, I tried out their nutella-glazed cookie doughnut, among others. It’s freshly baked and gives you an exciting crunch. You can’t go wrong with nutella like they say, and this offering is screaming with it in every bite.

I also had a fair share of their plain doughnuts, Beignets and Greek-inspired Loukoumades that I paired with chocolate and milk matcha dips. I recommend these as well for a lighter dose of sugar.

Overdoughs is set to open it’s third branch over at S Maison Mall in Conrad sometime this year. For the meantime, head over to the cinema area of the 30th Mall or Century City mall. It is another alternative snack while you watch a movie.

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