Oye’s Tapas and Grill

The Uptown side of vibrant BGC continues to steal attention from the older side of the city. Recently, I was invited for another new food establishment that just opened at the beautifully made Uptown Mall.

Oye’s Tapas and Grill is a partnership between two familiar cultures, Spain and the Philippines. Here you get the modern convergence of two cuisines, intertwined together by three world-class chefs. Heading the kitchen are Chef Joseba Sola, Chef Juan Montel and Filipina, Chef Tanya Dizon.

This was a sponsored visit, initiated by Looloo app and Megaworld. This was also the first of two stops that breezy night. I was joined by an enthusiastic bunch of foodies, led by Ms. Peanut of Looloo, all bringing their choice of camera and A-game palates.

I rushed here from a usual Monday workout, and I was famished! Since hunger makes you grab anything and eat it, I gobbled up on their toasted housemade bread paired with its rich and tasty Chimichurri. This complimentary treat, was strangely my favorite that night.

A whole bunch of dishes was served to our team, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try all. I did enjoy a few of what I had, while the others could use a bit more tweaking to merit an AlwaysHungryPh thumbs up.

I liked the twist presented on a glass, Truffled Egg, Potato, and Ham. It had a balance of creamy texture and lingering tastes, just enough truffle! I wished they served more than one of this ensemble.

Another starter, Patatas Bravas, or French Fries to the normal Joe like me. I appreciated how the skins provided an additional crisp and that it wasn’t all that greasy. Overall, it was a tad better than your usual side potatoes.

Next set I got my hands and forks into were their series of over grilled skewers. The tastes were fine, the trouble came with burnt parts, making them both dry and tough to eat. It was also a challenge taking them out from its aluminum steel sticks. We had Grilled Chicken Majada, Grilled Pork Belly in Pepper Sauce and Grilled Prawns and Seafood with Chorizo and Vegetables. The price points are a bit expensive too, from Php 365-Php 495.

On a welcome consolation, the carbs were worth indulging into. I raved about the Oye Fried Rice and Fideua. The former is similar to Japanese Fried Rice, it was flavored well, full of toppings, good to have as it is. The latter, an almost mirror image of Paella, is actually made up of very thin noodles. The Fideau was savory good, having a bold flavor of seafood in every bite.

For dessert, we tried to share a tiny container of Leche Con Galleras, a Spanish take on American Parfait. I sadly had just one spoonful of this milky delight. I frowned for minutes after, as I wanted even more.

Oye, which means Hey in english, hopes to get your attention soon. It got mine, and this won’t be my first and last visit. They have other surprises that I wish to explore on another opportunity.

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