Parmigiano, Alabang

As I always tell my friends, I could go miles away from home just to try out new food places. I was curious as to what the Italian restaurant, Parmigiano, can offer its dining customers, and so I have traveled to Alabang to attend their grand launch. It was nice to meet the owners of the said place, as well as bumping into familiar faces from those in the media.

This was definitely an interesting arrangement for us though. There was a section in the restaurant where their popular food items were placed onto one side, while there was a buffet setup on the other end. From here, you’d find out that their food display showcases the variety of food options in their place, and there isn’t anything on the menu that’s similar in any way. I think that they have more than 60 different kinds of food items available in their restaurant.

What impressed me the most is their signature Parmigiano pasta, which is priced at Php470. It was tossed and cooked into the wheel of Parmesan cheese. Once the flames were put out, all that was left was the gooey cheese sticking into the noodles. My verdict is, this is, so far, the best pasta I have ever had.

Their pizzas on the other hand, were light and somewhat fluffy, but it could have been better if they had put in more toppings. I’d say that it kind of lacked cheese in it. All in all, I think that the prices of their food are a bit steep, but in a way, worth it since Parmigiano uses quality ingredients onto their food items.


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