PastaMania, Almanza

There is a new pasta joint in the (southern) block! Get to know why PastaMania is more than just your usual Italian restaurant.

The story began with Timothy Ghinn, an expat from Europe who was working in Singapore in the 90s. He wanted to know how to find “good local food at affordable prices” and why “good Italian cuisine was so expensive”?

Now, this is where the magic began: Timothy wanted a wider selection of Italian food at everyday prices—until finally, in 1998, the dream was brought to life when the first PastaMania store opened at Scotts Shopping Centre in downtown Singapore. What once felt like a faraway ambition has been carried out and shortly after, Timothy bestowed his shares and management of PastaMania to Singapore’s GlobaMatrix Holdings Group (now Commonwealth Capital Group). It is now Singapore’s Largest Italian chain and has more than 50 outlets in 12 other countries!

So what’s so special about this new Italian restaurant? The first branch here recently opened in SM Southmall. I, along with fellow media friends and bloggers were treated to a special feast last week. It was their grand opening, and we witnessed ribbon cutting along with special guests talks and a presentation complete with models.

For appetizer, we were served well played and tasty Chicken Wings with garlic bread with chunky pomodoro dip as well as sweet and tangy Honey Garlic Chicken Bites. These are good options to jumpstart your meal.

Next and first from the list of pasta dishes was Marinara, which had al dente noodles and seafood cooked on point—no rubbery squid or clams here. For the pizza, the Supreme was a good pick for its ample and well selected pieces of toppings of ham, chicken, beef salami, mushrooms, capsicum, and pineapple combo. I am a big fan of sweet and sour pineapple on the dough.

Sadly, I had to get to another event and was not able to try their other offerings, namely, Creamy Chicken, Pollo Alla Milanese, Pepperoni pizza, and the special desserts, Banana Pizza and Apple Crumble Pizza.

I was able to however, sneak in to indulge on their gelato fix. They got an Italian ice cream booth right outside their dimmed but festive store. The two flavors I got to try, classic Chocolate and Coffee were both rich and creamy.

To answer what sets PastaMania above from the rest, there was no one more qualified than Wilson Lim, Executive Director of International Business. According to him, when it comes to pasta, they challenge themselves to offer as fresh as they could, and the most fitting Italian ingredient on their wide menu.

Also, clients will be enticed with offers I’m sure you’ve never heard of before. Pizza Banana Split and Blueberry Cheesecake Pizza, anyone? PastaMania also serves rice meals with an Italian finish for us Filipinos.

Apart from operating the restaurant, PastaMania also wants to make sure that tradition is preserved through their pasta and pizza making classes for kids. This is definitely one way to pass down a great and not to mention, delectable tradition to the next generation. You may inquire how they go about this.

So what are you waiting for? Experience this little piece of modern Italy from Singapore to Manila. They are located at Food Street, at the upper ground floor or SM Southmall in Almanza Uno, Las Piñas.

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