Potbelly, Dubai

On my second visit to the Deira City Center mall, I got to explore more food choices- especially for solo diners. This stop masters sandwiches, similar to Quiznos. They use the same bake technology to make healthier choices.

I got the Volcano Chicken Sandwich with Pepperoni on flat bread. It’s a better carb alternative because you get less of it with the same amount of filling. The texture of each bite was very smooth and soft. Its taste has a punch of spice and lots of cheese feel. Be careful though as this sandwich will create lots of drip. My pants felt it.

I also had their Baked Chicken Fingers. It was paired with barbecue and sweet sour sauces. It’s a great value at 17 AED portion wise but not much interest as a whole. It does give you boost of protein with less guilt.

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