“Pour for Marawi” Latte Art Throwdown

After dining at Earth Kitchen, I went up to their function hall to witness “Pour for Marawi” Latte Art Throwdown. With the collaboration of Got Hart Foundation and Latte Art Philippines, this event aims to raise funds and donations for the people of Marawi who are currently being housed at the Lanao del Norte Evacuation Center.

38 baristas from Baguio, Pampanga, Tarlac and some parts of the Metro have flocked the place to show their support for the our kababayans in the south. The concept of the competition was to have the contestants display their designing skills on latte based on certain categories. Divided into two brackets, it was a single round robin competition that will determine the champion by the end of the day.

The judges for the competition were Desmond Chua of Barista Depot, Angelo Abordo of Jack meets Kaldi, and Hazel Orbinia of the Daily dose. This was the format of the event:

1st round – “Free Pour”, where the milk was steamed and designed in front of the judges.

2nd round – “Rosetta” designs using a cappuccino cup.

3rd round – Rolling of a dice that will decide what design should be made using a 6 oz cup.

4th round – Any inverted design using an espresso cup.

5th round – Spinning the “art wheel” to know which design should be made.

Finals – Free pour and etching, with a time limit of 5 minutes.

After more than an hour of latte designing, everyone came out as a winner, as the camaraderie shown all throughout the afternoon was what made the event worth seeing.

Overall, I must say that the throwdown was a success. The organizers were able to get their point across, as all they wanted was to show the audience an example of how they could help the People of Marawi through other ways without physically being there.

The event was made possible by the following sponsors: Earth Kitchen, Coffee Connects Corp, Latter Art Philippines, Akibara Enterprises, Higher Grounds Team Pines, Barista Depot, Daily Dose, Pinoy Barista Profile, JollyCow Fresh Milk, Jack meets Kaldi, Barista Alchemist Philippines, Red Space, LAPBGA and El Mateo.

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