Ravi Restaurant, Dubai

So my friend and I finally discovered that restaurants outside the malls are more reasonable. This would have been a better realization if it didn’t happen on our second to the last day. Ravi, a Pakistani cuisine was highly recommended to us by friends who have stayed in Dubai for years.

For just 66 AED we had 4 dishes. I couldn’t grasp that having been eating in the malls for days. What I liked most was their Chicken Tikka and it was just 8 AED. The almost half portioned chicken was grilled to perfection and spiced enough to hit you once in awhile. Its collective spices was quite impressive.

Since we had grilled, I got to sauce items. Mutton White Korma 24 AED was our most expensive choice. It had good amount of serving size, meat really soft and its sauce sweet and thick. It was almost like having Spanish Lengua.

Paneer Masala was another favorite. This white cheese mostly common in India was a pleasure in the mouth. It reminded of Greek Feta. The gravy that surrounded it was light and delicious. It goes well with their big sized roti. This bread is only 1 AED. Amazing.

Finally Vegetable Biryani. It wasn’t the best choice of rice apparently. I found these rather greasy and its rice lacking freshness. I also wished it didn’t have so much onions. Every bite had too much crunch to it and yes the smell too.

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