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Gone are the days of a bit stressing out on what to cook to serve guests when they’re coming over for a get-together party; or the times when you worry what to prepare for an office lunch; or the dishes to have on a celebration you are planning.

With the advent of modern communication gadgets and the development of various mobile apps, everything seems to be within an arm’s reach. That includes access to affordable rides, various shopping discounts, and food delivery options, among many others.

Red Door Kitchen is a small company that offers food delivery services within Metro Manila. Some of the items that they sell include ready to eat meals and baked products.

For only Php 399, you can now avail their Build-Your-Own Combo, which is a set made up of your choice of noodles and any of their meat products.

For this sponsored delivery, their team sent me some of their best selling combinations. These included their Palabok with Liempo Barbecue; Chinitoyo with Lumpiang Shanghai; and Pinoy Spaghetti with Fried Pork. These are very interchangeable, to your liking.

My team in the office enjoyed most their Pinoy Spaghetti, thanks to its generous amount of big, juicy slices of hotdog on it. And as expected it was sweetened to please the Filipino palate. I must admit that I’m not really fond of sweet spaghetti but I’m pretty sure that the kids will surely have a ball with this one.

Their Palabok, on the other hand, is actually rich in flavor, but I just kind of find it too greasy. It had thick noodles and a good amount of toppings to it. Definitely delicious, but they just need to lay off on the oil.

The succulent Chicken Chops were tender and crisp. It’s best eaten while it’s warm, and perfect when dipped into vinegar.

Another spectacular product from Red Door Kitchen is their “Can’t Decide Cake.”(Php 499). This thing of beauty with a funny name to it is made up of four different flavors. I particularly liked their decadent coffee and ube flavored slices.

There is an ongoing promo at Red Door Kitchen wherein you may avail a Free Celebration Cake for a minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 600. Just present 2 valid IDs as proof of your birthday!

So aside from the cake, I also got to try their specialty bread such as their Ube Ensaymada, Cheese Rolls, and their Loaf Bread. They’re great for baon, and they’re quite affordable too.

I am hoping this post gave you an idea on your upcoming food dilemma. It sure is a relief to have options like this of the bat.

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