Rita’s Italian Ice, Diliman

Booming UP Town recently expanded its third wing and now provides even more retail and restaurant options. Although Rita’s is surrounded by dessert places including Manila Creamery and Mad Mark’s, their’s offer so much more for you and me. Their concept in its entirety is novel and creative. This enables them to cater to a much wider audience.

I was overwhelmed initially as they provide you 9 ways to have a sweet moment. It starts with Italian Ice, a sure fire refreshing drink with smooth and ice cold texture. This one is similar to snow cone but made much better with even more flavors to choose from. Cotton Candy is their best selling one and I got the reason why instantly. The delicious after taste of the fluffy treat stays  with you! Another favorite was the reliable mango. It was just like sipping the fruit!

Frozen Custard is their version of ice cream. Not many offers it here in Manila. A touch of egg yolk is what makes it different from the popular ice cream. The yolk is a natural emulsifier, imparting a richer, creamier texture. I go to try four: Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee and Butter Pecan. I enjoyed all of it but my banner flavor chocolate stands. It’s thick yet smooth feel is alive in every spoonful.

Now when you combine both ice and custard you have 3 options: Gelati, Misto and Blendini.  Gelati is separating them- ice below and your custard choice on top. I love the wildly combined Strawberry and Lemonade Twist topped with Vanilla and Chocolate they served to us. It’s strangely a battle in your palate of sweet creaminess with an icy sourness to it.

Misto is your shake as it blends your custard and ice together. They served the fusion of Mocha Ice and Choco Custard. It turned out to be a seamless drink better than your Starbucks Frapuccino. Blendini on the other hand is Misto with your choice of topping. I must say its like your McFlurry, premium version. Happy to grab a bigger spoon and dig in to their Mango Ice + Vanilla Custard + Wet Walnuts. It’s additional texture of crunch is a big plus and it does get you going.

Other options to go gaga with is Frozen Drink. It’s your Italian Ice swirled better for you to straw in and drink. The Sugar Free Dragon Fruit or Green Apple is a must try on this choice. There’s also the Milkshake, Frozen Custard blend in with the help of milk. Option 8 would be your Frozen Custard with unlimited toppings places on cones. The last way is their cakes! Now didn’t I tell you they got you locked in?

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