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An instant mood-upper for me in an ever-changing weather would have to be some good frozen treat. I think an alternative for this need is having some Rita’s Italian Ice. Having “Happiness” as their business’ motivation, this 30-year-old brand that originated in Trevose, Pennsylvannia continues to thrive domestically and internationally, spreading smiles all over the faces of their customers.

They currently have five branches around the metro and I got to visit their outlet in Mall of Asia a few weeks back. It was a quaint and bright looking place that’s full of color. Kids and teens will surely go nuts here.

Their most popular product is the Italian Ice, which is available in many flavors. They also have other varities which include Old-Fashioned Frozen Custard, Sundaes, Light Custard, Frozen Custard Cakes, Custard Cookie Sandwiches made with Oreo, layered Gelati, as well as its signature Misto and Blendini creations. We had a bit of these with my blogger friends.

Whether it’s a Ber month or not, you will love their custom ice creations. They may seem like typical soft serve ice cream to anyone, but they aren’t just like any other dessert place. To walk you through these different variants of ice treats, let me give you a rundown of each.

Their Italian Ice (Php 100 for regular size; Php 125 for large; and Php 250 for quart) is a smooth, refreshing treat that’s made fresh daily. You may pick your own flavor and choose to have it sugar free or in cream ice.

Then there’s their creamy, delish, and award winning Frozen Custard (ranging from Php 165 to Php 285). You may choose to have it in regular or large size and presented over a cup, cone, or waffle bowl. Your choices are limitless so if you want to add in toppings such as chocolate sprinkles, you may do so or you can turn it into a sundae! You may have Fudge Brownie Italian Ice layered with Gelati, or you may sandwich the Frozen Custard between two Oreo cookies.

How about ordering their Gelati (Php 170 for regular size; Php190 for large). It’s Italian Ice layered with Frozen Custard. With this one, you will choose your ice and frozen custard flavor.

For those who like to upped the ante, then you should get their Misto Shake. It’s Italian Ice blended with custard for a scrumptious shake. This is somewhat similar to the Gelati, except this one is a blended treat, and the custard used isn’t frozen.

Meanwhile, they also have the Blendini, which is made up of a layer of Italian Ice, thick Frozen Custard, and your choice of topping, blended in to perfection. Aside from the toppings that will be mixed in, you also get to choose your ice and frozen custard flavor. This costs about Php 190 to Php 240.

To quench your thirst, you may pick either their Frozen Drink or their Frozen Custard Milkshake (Php 250). For your Frozen Drink, you may select the flavor (or flavors) of your Italian Ice. Their classic milkshake has been an old-time favorite and has been recently revived, now it’s a huge hit among customers, together with the Frozen Custard. You may choose to have it in rich Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Black & White, Peanut Butter, Oreo Chocolate, Fruity Pebbles, Vanilla HEATH, Chocolate HEATH, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Strawberry Shortcake, and Caramel.

Whew! As you have read, you have so many options to be able to mix and match so you get the best one that suits your taste. If you’re unsure which one to get, I highly suggest that you get the Gelati one as you will have the best of both worlds with the delish Frozen Custard on top and a layer of Italian Ice of your chosen flavor below. It’s a piece of heaven in a cup.

For its portioning and the satisfaction I had from these, I would say that they are indeed worth it for their prices. The flavors of the ice are on point, one will not be disappointed by them.

So if you’re feeling hot headed and in a bad temper, you gotta chill and have your happiness fix with Rita’s Italian Ice treats. Lemme know which combination you ended up, okay?

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