RYU Ramen & Curry, Bel-Air

Ryu has been facing adversities due to competition from other ramen players, including more Japanese restaurants around. A sign was felt months ago when they bid goodbye to UP Town branch in Quezon City. They are however fighting back with new campaigns and promotions to get us to be a regular customer again… soon.

Last week I got to indulge in a Japanese feast like I’ve never had before. I and my colleagues got to try almost every part of their menu.  Everything we had was special, it was like a short trip to Japan’s shores while we sat here comfortably at their strongest branch in Makati.

I love curry especially made with Japan spices. I enjoyed the kick through their well-seasoned hot curry they served. We got two types, one with juicy Katsudon or breaded pork cutlets, and another with tender Beef Tendon chunks. Having these with warm Japanese rice was an ultimate pair.

For Ramen both bowls we got surprised us for its huge servings, definitely more than solo serving. Even better, they were priced lower than other brands. Ryu Ramen Curry, their house specialty had the same rich curry flavor, which made the soup base thick and tasty. This came with lean slices of Chasu and sous vide egg. It’s a great synergy, a must order dish.

Another interesting ramen ensemble of Japanese Fried Chicken or Karaage met spicy Tantanmen was our other bowl. This one also had sauteed fresh mixed vegetables and shitake mushrooms.

For some of us looking for rice, we got two of their best selling and familiar Donburi bowls, Chicken Teriyaki and Gyudon. The former had generous portions of well-marinated chicken strips and the latter had a full bowl of soft and delicious beef with raw egg.

Order their Ebi Tempura too and get amazed on its more significant size than usual. If you could order curry on the side as a dip, it could just give your bite a bolder taste.

We also got the usual Gyoza, theirs giving you a packed bite in every go. We got pan fried, but they also serve heart-stopping, deep fried version. A Yasai Itame platter we also ordered to balance all the richness we have on the table. It’s good to have some fiber and more nutrients, right?

Just to make sure everyone will get full to the brim, I added Yakisoba, a stir fried noodle with pork and vegetables. For Php 230, this plate could feed up to three, a great bargain.

When was the last time you had Ryu? If you haven’t tried or it has been awhile, a visit to them soon, I highly recommend. Ikuso! (let’s go)

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