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I looked forward to this last dinner stop before departing back to Manila. Jonas and Yasmine highly recommended this buffet place when we met them here. He says its one of the best anywhere I’ve been. I’ve immediately reserved knowing it gets busy.

It’s quite a distance from where we were. After stations in the Metro, 9 tram stops and a separate metro leading to palm island, we still found ourselves navigating inside grand Atlantis. It was another 10 minute walk in the hotel strip.

The biggest upside of this experience is their on their feet service. A number of staff is around to assist- clean your table or get you anything you need including drinks. Wait staff is well trained to push beverage items to get you to spend more. We did fall through this and ended up paying 100 AED more.

The overall spread is nothing spectacular for its price. What we have in Manila (Spirals in Sofitel or Cafe Ilang Ilang in Manila Hotel) puts this place to shame. For example theme was China but it only highlights few dimsum (mostly bread) items, two types of meat and a unimpressive make your own noodle station.

Carving station only has bland and dry turkey and low quality roast beef. There is a lamb option nearby but tasteless and unworthy of anyone’s palate. Overall meat options are there but not appetizing.

Indian dishes are limited to what’s available elsewhere. And I was hoping to indulge on new, undiscovered food from this region. Korean picks like Bulgogi is sad lacking its authentic pieces. Japanese sushi has mostly rice and sashimi options are fresh but lacking variety.

Dessert part shows a good line of sweet items but option wise still limited. A number of it is repetitive and same base. Lots of it is chocolate or coconut variety. There’s ice cream station but they give you outsourced ones. A giant fondue piece is its only shining glory. But even its chocolate mix is too dark to be loved.

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