Shamiana, Dubai

One of the go to malls in Dubai is Diera City Center. It’s definitely not as big or grand as Dubai or Emirates malls but it has everything you need on a smaller place. Besides its supermarket with endless fruit choices, the food court is my next destination. The area represents multiple cuisines including Filipino restaurant icons, Chowking and Max’s.

Shamiana is most probably their leader in Indian fast food. They have a number of hubs around. Since majority of their population is Indian, I just had to indulge on how they make their own.

The Non Vegetable Combination at 32 AED was a bargain size wise with four dishes in one plate. I just had to point my preferences, my own mix. Mutton Kalimiri’s plus was its really soft, almost fall of the bone meat. Its greasy elements were its downside.

Chana Masala had a nice smooth texture to it. I specifically loved the fresh chickpeas with full blown flavors and the right kick of spice. Anything more on hot side will be too much. Tika Masala flavorful and tender. Vegetable Biryani was served sloppy but acceptable. Good thing it ample serving of crispy vegetables.


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