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Who is on a “seefood” diet? When you see food, you are instantly drawn to it, and you find yourself eating it with gusto. Many of us are guilty of this, right? Kidding aside, seafood lovers, I have a exciting update for all of you here.

Let me just first congratulate Shrimp Bucket for their anniversary! Five solid years in business.

In lieu with this milestone, Shrimp Bucket, which has six current branches, BGC, Il Terazzo, Olympia, Greenhills, U.P. Town Center, and newly opened Ayala Malls the 30th, recently prepared a scrumptious dinner for some bloggers and media friends. They are also preparing for an event on December 9, possibly in BGC, dedicated for its loyal clients. Stay tuned!

Shrimp Bucket founder, Paul Martires welcomed us and gave his opening remarks. This is where things got more thrilling, fellow foodies, he revealed new offerings and we had the pleasure of trying them firsthand!

To kick off the seafood (and more) feast, we were introduced first to Deep Fried Baby Squid (Php 215). This addictive starter had crispy well coated batter on seasoned to the letter squid paired with sour and quite hot vinegar dip.

Chicken Wings in Buffalo (Php 225) in traditional blue cheese came next. It would be quite a challenge not to have rice with this tasty and plump wings.

We also got some sides, I was able to bite on some Fresh Cut Fries (Php 78), rustically delicious to look at and taste, as the potatoes still had its healthy skin. For a healthier option, there was the Popeye Greens In Lemon & Garlic (Php 70), which is spinach with a zesty kick of lemon and garlic. This was a good deal at less than a Php 100!

After being given our respective bibs, it was time for the star of the night, the shrimps. We were able to try two variants: Salty Eggsperience (Salted Egg), and Mardi Gras, which was also as flavorful, thanks to loads of Chinese chorizo in it.

For the not so secret part, bags of Stir-fried Shrimp with two secret sauces were placed on our tables. Two cups of Asian sauces came with it. Shrimp Bucket has not named them yet but one thing’s for sure, one is Vietnamese and one is Thai inspired. At this point, we just really had to pair them with garlic rice.

But wait, there’s more! A big bag of crabs was placed in front of us, to much of our delight. The Crab Sebastiana is among Shrimp Bucket’s newest offerings, it is a humongous crustacean, well seasoned and full of heart stopping fat.

To quench our thirst from an almost unending course, I tried the Lemon Raspberry Iced Tea (Php 85), as recommended by our server and in preparation for dessert, the Mango Cream from Shakes & Smoothies (Php 135).

Our palates were cleansed more thoroughly with the refreshing Sollie’s Tapioca In Coconut Milk (Php 75). This you got to have for its milky sweetness finish.

If you enjoy getting down and dirty with seafood, with your hands of course, Shrimp Bucket should be in your bucket list! It’s all out in here.

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