Sigekiya Ramen, Filinvest City

Over the past few years, there has been a resurgence of popularity with ramen in the Philippines. More Japanese noodle houses (and even stalls) have opened in various parts of the Metro in their bid to win over the hearts of Filipinos. However, not all of these stores have produced top-notch ramen, so the quest for it continues.

Stationed down south is Sigekiya Ramen, a Japanese Restaurant that you could find inside the Commercenter in Filinvest, Alabang. It is managed by Miguel Illescas. He narrates that he lived in Japan for 3 years, and wasn’t appreciative of Tsukemen (dipping dry noodles into thick sauce) then. He instantly fell in love with its overall concept, and franchised this brand thereafter.

He adopted all disciplines of the original store, including serving your bowl of noodles as fresh as they could. They prepare the soup upon your ordering, giving us a bolder and rich taste in every slurp.

The highlight of this Japanese feast was Gyokai Tsukemen, it was mildly spiced with a welcome hint of fish taste on thick pork sauce. Its noodles were firm and smooth, a true character of authentic experience. My friend and I also had their banner dish, Sigekiya Ramen, a medium sized bowl with ample serving of lean and well seasoned shoyu.

Interesting enough, both ramen and tsukemen can be served spiced up all the way to level 200! They offer up to 200 ways to challenge your taste buds. I was fine up to level 5 only.

For starters, while you wait for your ramen to arrive, I suggest having their Gyoza, only Php 90 for 3 pieces. These Japanese dumplings boasts bursting juices as you bite them. It’s like having HongKong’s Xiao Long Bao. Grab their Chicken Karaage too, as they serve it with buzzing crispiness and spectacular umami flavor.

Fan of Spinach? They got side orders of this wonder vegetable at a bargained price. They offer it here generously fresh and unseasoned.

So this sums up my trip here. I was impressed and right away, I placed it in my top 5 ramen go to places. Who are in your list, care to share?

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