Starbucks, Entertainment City

I drink coffee on most days and Starbucks is partly responsible for that. Since coming here more than a decade ago they have influenced me and millions of other Filipinos to embrace coffee more.

Now with more than 200 stores, they opened their biggest at the Entertainment City. The place is indeed grand, its fine wooden finish even more highlighted with high ceilings and more space. I wonder however with 200 sitting capacity, they still have the same one restroom for the same gender and just two counters. The queue can be discouraging, and the staff’s energy giving up with a menial manpower is too obvious. I wonder if they even think this through enough.

Anyway, I got the Banana Mocha Frappuccino for the first time, part of their newest beverages line with Irish Coffee Frappuccino. My drink had a bold fruity taste and surprisingly not too sweet. My friend got here favorite Coffee Jelly.

We also shared an interesting Lemon Lime Cake, citrus and creamy with a nice touch of crushed sweet grahams. This is new as well and quite a good addition to their classic cake lines.

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