Steak Sergeant, Karuhatan

Somewhere along the busy streets of Valenzuela city proudly stands Arca Yard Food Park. Though far from the heart of the metro, this place is one buzzing stop worthy of a visit. It is also an answer for your ever changing tastebuds.

Inside Arca, is a meat stall named Steak Sergeant. Though modest in kiosk size their offering is designed to make you full and wanting more.

When we talk about Steaks, Porterhouse and Angus Beef are popular choices. I picked these two for a mini carnivore feast. These tasted better than expected and its texture didn’t give me a hard time at all.

Steak Sergeant price tag would be its an ultimate come on at just Php 200 each. It comes already with the usual side dish, java rice and rich gravy.

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