Tabby Town Cat Cafe

Themed restaurants are probably going to be the trend in the industry this year, and years to come. The battle of customers gets tougher each time as everyone seems to be in the food business nowadays.

Last weekend, I went to drive way south to visit this unique, first of its kind, Cat Cafe. Tabby Town sits in the left side of Silang Cavite along Tagaytay road. Note that there is a wrong Waze leading nowhere. Type their exact name to get to where they are.

On the first floor of this establishment is a typical cafe, relaxing and quiet. On top of it, is where the adventure begins. Don’t forget to wear socks as you go in their lair of cute and cuddly cats of many breeds and sizes.

It was my first time to held a cat as you can see. And I felt that I had to since I was in the midst of cat fanatics anyway, who would have assisted me if something wild happens.

Not all cats are alike, so better consult with the attendant before attempting to charm them in any way. They are all,however accustomed to human interaction. You can even eat with them, just don’t feed.

Rates to visit here are quite affordable. If you are a cat lover, it should not be a problem at all. They bundled it with drinks, and it starts at only Php 200 per hour with Iced Tea. For a little bit more, at Php 270 for the same amount of time, you can have your choice of any hot, cold or even a milkshake. If you are feeling all jolly and all, go all out with Php 350/ hour with any of their Frappe Overload. Our team of foodies had the latter. We had Caramel, Java Chip, Mocha, Hazelnut, Butterscotch, Matcha, Strawberry, and Mix Berries.

Now since we all loved food as well, we had some Tabby Town’s comfort food. First on the table was a classic plate of tall Clubhouse sandwiches. These entailed big bites, thanks to layers of ham, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber on white bread.

We also had Creamy Salted Egg Pasta with Shrimp. This bowl had  the usual rough texture with spikes of saltiness in it. Another fave, healthier, Pesto Pasta was served to our group.

A good pair to our carbs came last, large pieces of Buffalo Wings. These flavor filled chicken were my fave, and could be the cats go to meal too.

Are you feeling all crazy right now since you adore cats? What you waiting for, plan it up, wear socks and waze Tabby Town Cat Cafe. See you!

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