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If you’re feeling fancy and in a great mood for Japanese cuisine, I suggest a trip here at the heart of BGC, Teppan Okochi by Mangetsu Osaka. It’s a fine dining spot with a Japanese vibe at the ground floor of the newest building, Ore Square.

On top of a central teppan counter wherein, the cooks prepare dishes while you dine, its other tables are enclosed in rooms, a feature similar to a number of spots in Japan. This enables customers to have a private experience without an additional fee or minimum consumable says Daniel Labudahon, one of the owners.

Expect a specialize offerings by part owner and Grand Chef Akihiro Okochi, a resident of Osaka. The owners sent him here for an initial three-year stint to serve us authentic and soulful dishes from Japan. I met him personally, a quiet yet passionate type of chef.

For first-timers, I recommend going for their set meals, it is designed to give you full on package at a superior value. The sets include Wagyu (Php 2,500), Angus and Wagyu (Php 3,500), Eel (Php 3,800), or Wagyu set at Php 5,000. One could also avail these separately of course. They even have lunch packs for regulars.

Daniel served my companion and me their elusive Wagyu and Angus set, and this kicked off with an appetizing 6 piece starter which had some dumpling, tamago sashimi, French beans, Karaage, a small bowl of Sukiyaki beef and potatoes and bacon wrapped sushi. Pardon me as I was gazing on this platter too long I did not get its actual names. Anyway. this was a good preview of a gastronomic night.

Next was their rendition of Western Caesar Salad. The difference here was Japanese crispy grilled bacon, tasty and alive on a bed of greens, crunchy young corn and lots of sprinkled parmesan cheese.

On our first entree was the Seafood Platter of fresh Japanese scallops, oysters, and prawns in bold truffle oil. The scallops were prepared the teriyaki way. As for the oysters, they were cooked in garlic butter. The tiger prawn was massive and was an amazing bite after another.

For the imported meats, A5 grade Wagyu welcomed our eyes first. It was seared and beautifully prepared in front of us. It was marbled well and its texture was synonymous to fat itself. I did prefer the Angus variety for it was lean yet tasty. Both these meats were good without an additional need for seasoning. But if you may, it comes with its own sauces. A must try would be the pink salt.

We were also served their Unajyu or unagi rice. You may choose from their superior, deluxe, or prime varieties, with prices ranging from Php 970 to Php 1,590. The eels they serve here are sourced locally from a breeder in Butuan. It tasted light, with a less smoky taste.

Another must indulge here include Chef Akihiro’s specialty, Mangetsu Special Okonomiyaki. This was a filling plate, similar to a pie. Chef’s version had tantamounting toppings to boost its flavors. This could be your carbs or you could also pick Yakisoba. The noodle was as impressive with generous meats and veggies to boot.

For a truly sweet ending, we had an assortment of sweets such as their Peach Mochi, Chestnut, and Sweet Potato, which was complemented by TWG tea. TWG, a Singaporean franchise known for its hundreds of tea selections, curated Teppan Okochi its own lineup that fits its menu.

If on the other hand, you would like to drink up, you may avail from their selection fine Napa Valley wines. My friend and I were able to sip four glasses composed of red, white and sparkling wines. For this night at a reasonable price of Php 1480, we had Michael Oliver Blut, NICA Sauvignon Blanc, Murphy Goode Home Front Red and Ca’Momi Merlot.

As a whole, I find Teppan Okochi your modern Japanese dining adventure. This could be the place to impress a date or to close that important business deal. And while you are it, look for happy Chef as he would gladly pose for a photo with you.

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