Teriyaki Boy, Cubao

We were looking for a good place where we could have dinner on a Monday evening, and since we were craving for something Japanese, we decided to go for Teriyaki Boy. It’s not as popular as it was but it could still punch in some Eastern authenticity.

I was with my sister, which gave me a chance to be able to order more than I could handle. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive, and the serving time was just as good as the dishes.

On top of my list would be their Tonkatsu Curry. The meat was tender, even though the breading was deep fried and crispy. The curry complimented the pork’s flavor, so we finished it almost as soon as we started it. It could use, however more serving of curry and a kick of more spice.

Another one that I fancied on was their Tuna Tartare, an original French cuisine that they infused with an Asian appeal. This serving didn’t need the usual soy sauce as it was seasoned well already. It’s generous tempura bits also gave an interesting crunch once in awhile.

We also tried their dynamite roll, a Western-style sushi, that contains a piece of prawn tempura and masago, with other vegetables. The cheese tried to neutralized the fire like spicyness of the roll. This one is a must order if you love ‘hot’ food!

Their tempura didn’t disappoint either, as it could easily be comparable with what the rest of the Metro has to offer. Each bite was also packed with shrimp. It was not your usual airy kind found elsewhere.

To even out the flavors of the food that we had and provide some nutrients, we also tried their Yasai Itame, or better known as stir fried vegetables, for our side order. Their Yasai Itame stood out, given its infusion of signature Chicken Teriyaki. And hey, wordpress this was only Php 120!

This round of Teriyaki Boy experience was great overall, and I’d recommend it for you if you like Japanese right away without the hefty price. It’s available in major malls, and currently they have 12 in NCR.

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