The Bingsu, Filinvest City

Two years ago, before all this Bingsu sightings we see today, I boldly predicted then it would appear everywhere. I actually feel it will still progress more, despite its slow pace of expansion.

Seol Hwa made it an emerging product. Ho Bing with its almost 10 branches, created the much needed boost. This relatively new Bingsu place, aptly called The Bingsu, could just be the peg to follow if we want this product to be permanent in our local scene.

I was blown away on my first spoonful of their bingsu all the way till the last one I could take. I was literally forcing myself to have more despite an already full stomach. It was that good!

It’s the super fine ice, right amount of creamy milk and fine ingredients, placed on a heavy metal bowl to keep its cool as long as possible.

I loved the Coffee Jelly’s bold yet sweet coffee kick concoction with soft jelly caffeine and a crunch from cereals. I adored the Berry with Cheese for its no shortcut ingredients, as they used the real fruits and dairy. Both of these are Php 300 each, but they turned out to be priceless.

Did I made you excited? It made my mouth long for it again. I can’t wait to hunt them down. Care to join me next? Let’s!

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