The Brewology Cafe, Paligsahan

It’s almost always a good idea to explore new cafes that spring up every now and then. Concepts just don’t seem to run out and thankfully, they get better every time. A testament to this would be The Brewology Cafe, which comfortably sits on the second floor of Scout Lazcano in Tomas Morato.

The Brewology Cafe is a curious establishment – a mix of modern minimalist with the warmth of light wood and a lot of natural light. Perfect to replicate a relaxing day in with a warm cup in hand not care in sight. It had the makings of a go-to favorite cafe.

What you can tell from the menu board and the amount of information about coffee around is that this place puts the coffee they serve in high regard. It’s a third-wave coffee shop that serves specialty coffee. Now don’t start rolling your eyes with the mention of the terms “third-wave” and “specialty coffee”. These terms really have been misunderstood and misused that they have been stripped off of their true respective meanings and purposes.

To settle it once and for all, a “third-wave” establishment aims to educate the customer about the coffee, its origins, methods of preparation, etc., ultimately making the customer appreciate the coffee in all its aspects. “Specialty coffee” basically is high-quality coffee beans, coffee in terms of preparation and consumption. You can have specialty coffee without third-wave but you can’t have third wave without good or specialty coffee. The Brewology Cafe aims to deliver on both.

Their coffee menu is rather entertaining. They also have a wide array of coffee selection with witty names. It’s a creative way to get the customer curious about the menu item, leading to conversation and education.

Another delightful thing about this cafe is their all-day brunch menu. That means hearty and rich food that goes along with their homemade pastries and cakes. Talk about the will to deliver.

We had a whole lot of food and coffee served. Almost all of them too pretty to consume. The camera stealers were the Babysitter (Php 160) with its torched marshmallow top, the cheeky H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth) (Php 165) and the Affogato (Php 155). Their Mocha (Php 160) had a deep flavor, which was definitely a treat. Make sure to check out their Flat White (Php 140) and Americano (Php 130) too. One thing about their coffee is the singularity of the flavor and how smoothly it blends. Good coffee.

It’s wonderful to see these entrepreneurs actually work on their desire to bring the amazing coffee culture to the everyday coffee drinker. It’s a good sign that good quality coffee can be a staple around here.

And now, let’s talk about the food. Impressive offerings. We were able to sample their light and crispy Waffles, which had the right amount of sweetness in the dough. It was topped with a scoop if vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle. We had their Beef Bulgogi Tapa (Php 190), which I think is a must-try. Tapa Bulgogi style with a side of a sunny-side up and Kimchi fried rice! The strong savory meat was enhance by the kick of spiciness from the Kimchi. Delicious.

And from their sandwich selection, we had their Pulled Pork + Cheddar Sandwich (Php 220). Really filling. Dense bread pressed to melt the cheese inside along with the Pulled Pork. Packed!

And their desserts are just a treat. We had their S’mores, Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Red Velvet Revel Bar. Moist and just the right level of sweetness. Perfect for another Latte to down all of that.

You could get this amazing cafe at a bargain even through the Big Dish app, up to 50% off. You just have to book ahead and sometimes days or weeks to get the maximum discount.

The Brewology Cafe caters to the needs of the true coffee shop goer. Definitely a place for soul food. Honest to goodness dishes that just want to satisfy you and give you your money’s worth. Again, good good stuff.

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