The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Thai Tea Latte

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been a destination for exciting hot and cold concoctions catering to both coffee and tea lovers. They have always come up with new ones and have delivered every time. Think about a favorite drink you have from there. That would have proven my point.

In the midst of the extended rainy season that’s upon us, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has blessed us with a drink that’s been a long time coming. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s their Thai Tea Latte line.

I was excited about it, getting an invite to get first dibs on the release of the famed drink. It’s Thailand’s answer to Taiwan’s bubble tea. And it is very popular, it is a part of Thailand’s world-famous street food. If you haven’t had Thai Tea Latte, well you probably should head on over to the nearest CBTL branch near you. Get refreshed with its unique blend of sweetness and caffeine kick.

It is a known fact that CBTL does not kid about the sourcing of their champion ingredients, which are coffee and tea. As an addition to their roster of tea offerings, they have reiterated their ongoing direct professional relationship with tea farmers themselves. No middlemen, all straight from their partner plantations.

For this Thai Tea Latte line in particular, CBTL uses their signature Assam black tea as the base. It has a body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color. Perfect for that different and delicious tea experience.

The line comes in three variants namely Thai Tea Ice Blended, Thai Tea Latte (iced), and hot Thai Tea Latte. And they definitely go well with the meals, snacks, and desserts too. This one wins in terms of food pairings, especially with the array of food they offer.

The Thai Tea Ice blended is orange in color and crowned with some dense whipped cream. It’s light and sweet, yet it surprisingly kept the flavor of the tea without the bitterness. Delightful in its flavor yet watch out for the peppery aftertaste that may or may not tickle your throat a little bit. That’s some tea realness. I would recommend having this with CBTL’s Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli dish, one of their newest savory meals.

The Thai Tea Iced is the tea concoction poured over some ice. It makes an easier sip, stripped off of some sweetness yet still smooth and soothing, and of course, refreshing. Thai Tea Latte is widely consumed iced. It makes a great tandem with one of my CBTL favorites, the Tomato & Herb Linguine pasta.

And the last but not the least is the hot Thai Tea Latte. It’s akin to the comforting and warming feeling you get when drinking hot matcha yet it’s a whole league of its own. The Assam tea with the milk combined just has this profile that manifests in the extremes as well as in the mid part – think tasting bitterness, sweetness, and the mix of both. A dessert for this would be a good pair. One of their cheesecakes maybe?

For the fans of the drink, now you know of a great place to get your Thai Tea Latte fix. And for those who haven’t tried, this is the time you discover Thai Tea Latte.

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